God of War Demake For The PS1 Turns It Into A Turn-Based RPG

God of War Ragnarok may still be a long way out so replaying God of War may just be the thing that tides us through the unbearable wait, especially with its PC release coming in January.

A talented trio from the Netherlands is going the other way, turning back the clock and bringing God of War back into the PS1 era with a demake that turns the game into a turn-based RPG.

Ryan, Niels, and Nelis are a trio of friends who have put up an animation channel called 64 Bits, which serves up animated parodies based on movies and video games. The second in the series of demakes is focused on God of War, which is based on Breath of Fire 4.

In their short video, you’ll get to see Kratos and Atreus battling it out with a Draugr and an Ogre, complete with pixels and music that takes us back to the ’90s. The battles are even made turn-based, complete with skills and special attack animations that would make Kratos proud.

Check out some screenshots below:

It’s a bit sad that we won’t actually get to play this, but at least it was recognized by both Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studios! 64 Bits mentioned that they have 7 planned demakes, so it’ll be interesting to see what the next titles will be.

These guys are really talented, and you can see more of their past work through their Youtube Channel, even a demake for Monster Hunter as well!

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