Arcane Group Cosplay From The Philippines Portray Characters To Stunning Perfection

Arcane, the hit series from Netflix, has received some of the highest praise from multiple outfits like IGN (10/10) and Rotten Tomatoes (100%) for its fantastic portrayal of iconic League of Legends champions and its lore. Featuring stunning art and brilliant character designs, no wonder Arcane has become a favorite for cosplayers looking to expand their repertoire.

A cosplay group from the Philippines took on the challenge to provide their own spin, which resulted in some of the most accurate depictions of the characters from the hit Netflix show. Preparations for the shoot started back in November 2021 just as the show premiered and we finally get to see how it all unfolds.

*all images courtesy of Erving Go and Kira Hokuten. Venue credits to Zeppelin Lounge.

Featuring Nicola Ber and Roxanne Kho as Vi and Jinx.

We also get to see Caitlyn, as portrayed by Ju Garcia.

arcane cosplay caitlyn ju garcia

And finally, we have Zackt and Cholo Tolentino as Silco and Viktor.

As you can see, this is no ordinary cosplay. The group worked hard to produce screen-accurate costumes and props, with make-up matching the unique visual style of the show. The cherry on the top is the lighting, photography, and post-processing to capture the tone of the show, which resulted in this picture-perfect cosplay that commands recognition.

arcane cosplay full team

Hopefully next time we’ll get to see the rest of the cast such as Jayce, Vander, and maybe even a Heimerdinger!

You can view the full album below:

Arcane is now showing on Netflix.

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