Bandai Namco Is Developing A ‘Gundam Metaverse’

During the recently concluded 3rd Gundam Conference, Bandai Namco has officially unveiled their ‘Gundam Metaverse’ project, a new initiative that is looking to connect the IP with its fans.

Bandai Namco is putting its new purpose – “Fun for all into the future” – as the centerpiece of its thrust to deliver fun and excitement to people worldwide. Connecting with fans will be integral to the project, which is why the company will be creating new means to reach fans by building a Metaverse for each IP under Bandai Namco’s portfolio.

The first of which will be the “Gunpla Colony,” where Gunpla-related experiences will be made available for people to take part in. Test runs were held last year and further limited access tests will be held this Autumn.

This colony aims to merge both digital and physical worlds with “Gunpla Battle,” a venue where fans can scan their Gunpla to face others in battle, host Gunpla events, and provide Gunpla lessons online.

gundam metaverse gundam base virtual world

Following this is the “Esports Colony,” which includes such games as the 6-vs-6 online multiplayer game Mobile Suit Gundam: BATTLE OPERATION 2 and Gundam Evolution, the upcoming FPS game officially launching later this year.
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Are you looking forward to this new project from Bandai Namco?

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