Buster Sword Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up To FF VII Remake Music

Today in “unusually expensive items that we want”, we have a product from Square Enix that will surely drain our savings in the months to come.

FF VII Remake Buster Sword Alarm Clock

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Buster Sword clock is scheduled to launch on September 17, 2022 and will cost 21,780 yen (around $190 or PHP10,000), with pre-orders for the product now available through the Square Enix Store.

This isn’t just any ordinary alarm clock, as the Buster Sword will feature a glowing LED display complete with Materia slots for added accuracy. The LED colors also change based on the tracks that are playing, which will include the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme, Fight On!, The Airbuster Theme, Aerith’s Theme, and One-Winged Angel.

The Buster Sword clock will have the following specs:

  • Input terminal: USB Type C
  • Power supply: USB DC5V±5% / 1.0A
  • Cable length: approx. 1m
  • Display element: LCD
  • Lighting element: RGB3 color LED
  • Alarm function: Alarm sounds
  • Snooze: None
  • Auto Stop: Alarm sound automatically stops
  • Brightness adjustment: 3 stages
  • Time display format: 24 hours display

As far as local pre-orders go, well-known toy stores like Great Toys Online have not put out notices yet, although a post by Hubbyte Toy Store seems to be gauging interest from customers so we might see some pre-order notices soon.

It is quite expensive for an alarm clock, but waking up every day to Aerith’s theme doesn’t sound half bad at all. Will you be getting one?

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