Uniqlo x Final Fantasy Collab Designs Ranked By How Fast They’ll Probably Sell Out

The Philippines will get a taste of the Uniqlo x Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collab shirts on May 6 but in other parts of the world, some lucky customers (like me) were already able to grab themselves some new swag.

With 16 unique designs to choose from, you’ll probably be reppin’ your favorite Final Fantasy. Whether you’re a fan of Cloud, Tidus, or Lightning (I’m not, but who’s asking), you’ll want to get one quick because once these shirts run out, they’re gone. I learned my lesson from missing out on the Uniqlo Haruki Murakami collab last year, but that’s another story.

Some of these will probably sit on shelves, but expect some to fly off the racks once Uniqlo stores open on that day. Players will have their own personal favorites, but it wouldn’t take a genius to know that some of these will run out first more than the others.

We’ve gotten a hold of our own personal favorites like FFVI because it’s the greatest FF of all, but also Final Fantasy I, II, and III because of the pixel art. We’ll try to rate all 16 designs based on what we think will sell out first.

*This list is purely based on speculation and personal opinion, all in the spirit of fun.

Which Uniqlo x Final Fantasy Collab Designs will sell out first?

Final Fantasy VII

Quite possibly the most popular Final Fantasy title out there. Paired with the resurgence of Final Fantasy VII Remake and its many mobile games that came out in the last little while, this design is going to sell out FAST. Despite the cluttered design, which I hoped they just focused on a single image or idea, there is little doubt that this is one design that almost everyone will want to get.

Final Fantasy XIV

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV?

You’ve probably encountered this meme one way or another, and that’s because FFXIV is arguably the most popular MMORPG today. The white shirt makes it seem rather plain but the design is fantastic and this will probably be a heavy favorite, especially for players of the critically acclaime…

Final Fantasy X

Japan’s favorite Final Fantasy and many others’ favorite as well. The pocket in the front is a nice touch and the design over at the back is iconic. The only other thing that maybe could have made this design a top-seller would be Tidus’ “HA HA HA” face.

Final Fantasy VIII

At its height of its popularity, Final Fantasy VIII was probably the most popular one in the series in the Philippines’ fandom. (Don’t believe me, try looking at cosplay photos in the 2000s) I actually bought the shirt before exchanging it for the Final Fantasy III design. While I love the front design, the silkscreen of Squall in the back didn’t do it for me.

This would probably be a personal favorite for many, so it’s up there with the rest of the popular half of this group.

Final Fantasy XVI

Funny that the game isn’t even out and it already has merch! The design is simple but cool in its own way, and one thing that will probably make this piece stand out is the anticipation for the upcoming game, which is looking promising since Yoshi-P is part of the dev team working on it.

It may not have enough fans yet for now, but you can’t go wrong with a black shirt and a brooding design.

Final Fantasy XIII

The more I play Final Fantasy VII Remake, the more I appreciate the misunderstood battle system of Final Fantasy XIII and its linear storytelling. For good reason, this title is actually a lot more popular than what I give it credit for.

The design looks pretty clean on the white shirt, and with Lightning being one of the more popular heroines in the franchise, it would be safe to say that this design will be one of the favorites.

Final Fantasy VI

The best Final Fantasy of all time. Sure, I’m biased, but you’re still wrong if you think otherwise.

The designs on the front and back should have been reversed, and that wall of text below the iconic Magitek march is an eyesore, but this piece is one of the best-designed ones in the collection. It may not be popular with the younger kids, but you’ll be fighting with all the classy dads with great taste.

Final Fantasy I

I can’t believe it as well, but this piece is sold out at the Uniqlo branch in the largest mall of Vancouver. Color me puzzled and surprised, but it’s probably the safest piece for casuals and hipsters.

You get the Final Fantasy plastered in the front and the iconic black mage, what’s not to love? Maybe some random customer can buy this shirt without any reference to the franchise and it’ll still look good.

Final Fantasy III

This is the closest shirt design you’re going to get to Final Fantasy Tactics because of the awesome job-class design on the back. Despite being one of the earlier entries in the series that a lot may not know about, FFIII is iconic in more ways than one. 23 reasons, to be exact.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV is one of the most iconic and most popular titles in its classic lineup. The design is not something to scoff at as well, with a very clean look that heavily features the beloved party members of the game.

The popularity of this shirt may depend on region, as it may be one of the more popular ones in Japan but maybe not as much in the Philippines.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is widely considered as one of the best games in the franchise and with a beloved cast that’s plastered all over the back of the shirt, this could be an easy favorite for fans of the game.

Baby blue is a tough color to pair with and is, quite frankly, a questionable color choice for the shirt. I don’t really like it, but white would have been great for this.

Final Fantasy II

Quite possibly the most obscure Final Fantasy on this list.

Questionable design, with the story of the game smack dab in the front of the shirt that’s small enough to make a Cactuar squint. The battle system is a great touch and should have been more of the focus. It’ll probably get skipped over, so I feel it won’t go away any time soon.

Final Fantasy XII

This is a tough one. On one hand, the shirt color is nice and warm. The Judges are an iconic choice, but I can imagine that fans of the game would have wanted to protagonists to be front and center in the design.

Despite sporting a clean look, this piece might stay in the shelves a little bit longer than others.

Final Fantasy XI

The design and color of this shirt are one of the better ones in the whole collection but seriously, who has played FFXI apart from the less than 10 people I know of who have tried it out?

Only the truest of FFXI fans will get this one and it might have been lower on the list if it was white.

Final Fantasy V

Finally, a Chocobo! Sadly, the design could use a lot more inspiration. For a game that has such references as the Battle On The Big Bridge, Gilgamesh, and Exdeath, we get a trio of Chocobos.

There’s a big possibility that this will sit on the shelves.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is my favorite Final Fantasy that I will never play again, for good reason. If it came in black and referenced more of the lore, I’d probably impulse buy it without a second thought.

The shirt is as simple as you can get and features a rough-looking rectangular design that really could have used a bit more finesse. Fans of Noctis and the rest of the gang may swoon over this shirt, but it’ll probably drop in price for the more patient ones.

16 designs, which ones are you getting? At PHP 790 a pop, getting everything will cost you a whopping PHP12,640 and while hardcore fans will want one of each Uniqlo shirt, it might be wise to wait for some designs to go on sale before taking the plunge.

As much as I rave and shit on particular titles in the series, I hold on to the thought that you have a Final Fantasy that made you love the series and hold dear in your heart… so buy that Uniqlo shirt and rep it!

The Uniqlo x Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collab collection will be available on May 6, 2022 in the Philippines.

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