Lucas is a Resident Evil 7-inspired Psychological Horror Game from a Group of Filipino College Students

Horror game fans can look forward to something that’s proudly Filipino-made as Lucas, an upcoming game that’s described as a “first-person horror game highly inspired by RE7 but without any way of defending yourself like in Outlast,” is being developed by a group of college students.

Keneth Agar, who we featured before for his work on another horror game called Nyctophobia, is keeping himself busy with this new game. Keneth of Solitary Studios, along with 3 other college students, are working on this highly-ambitious project, as you can easily see with the visuals.

Speaking to Keneth, he says that Lucas is to make it the best game that he has ever done, but also says to supporters to temper expectations since he is doing most of the work on the game as a solo developer. Plans for a release are still unclear, but Keneth says that an ideal release date would be sometime by December 2022, but could spill to 2023 depending on how development will continue.

You can download the demo HERE, and it is just a short playable teaser that was made in two weeks to give players a feel of what the game is and could be.

Lucas: Basement Demo Gameplay Walkthrough

You can also check out a couple of gameplay walkthroughs below to see the game in action.

Development costs don’t come cheap because of the ambitious nature of the game, so any donations to support the group are encouraged. Any donations can be made through the Solitary Studios page.

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