SEGA Exploring TV and Live-action Adaptations of Atlus Games

Persona fans have gotten a huge dose of good news with the reveal of the series making its way to the Xbox and Switch, but we may soon be seeing Persona on more than just our consoles in the near future.

According to an exclusive reveal from IGN, Toru Nakahara from Sega says that “Atlus’ worlds are filled with high drama, cutting-edge style, and compelling characters. Stories like those from the Persona franchise really resonate with our fans and we see an opportunity to expand the lore like no one has seen — or played — before.”

persona 5 royal

Nakahara, the Lead Producer on the live-action Sonic movies and also head of entertainment productions for film and TV, explains that an important part of Sega’s overall business strategy is to expand storytelling forms, thus opening up their library of games to live-action or film adaptations.

“Together, Sega and Atlus, are working to bring these stories and worlds to life through new mediums and for new audiences,” Nakahara adds.

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No further details were announced, but IGN’s report states that SEGA is “currently exploring live-action film and TV projects with various studios and producers.”

Would you want to see a Persona TV series or a live-action film?

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