Elden Ring Legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Receives a Real Sword From Bandai Namco

Klein Tsuboi, also known as Let Me Solo Her, is a legend in the Elden Ring community. His heroic feats won’t be forgotten, as he has helped many players conquer who is arguably the hardest boss in the game, Malenia.

Wearing only a Jar, Let Me Solo Her has shown mastery over Malenia by beating the infamous boss 1,000 times, catapulting him to become a storied figure celebrated by players around the world. Bandai Namco has heard of his stories, and has decided to gift him with something truly special.

Tsuboi posted on Twitter that he has received a package from Bandai Namco containing an assortment of goods reserved only for icons in the community. The package included a personalized note from the company, congratulating Let Me Solo Her for the amazing achievement, a map, and a wooden carving of Malenia, among others.

The highlight of the package is a real sword with a “Rise, Tarnished” engraving near the hilt, and is a trophy worthy of Let Me Solo Her.

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Tsuboi’s post also thanks other prominent members in the Elden Ring community like Vaati and IronPineapple, inspiring him to be awesome. “I can still remember my first experience with the soulsborne series and almost quitting because of Iudex Gundyr in Dark souls 3,” shares Tsuboi.

While there are many other hero’s in The Lands Between, Let Me Solo Her will be remembered as one of the greatest to take up the sword.

elden ring let me solo her malenia

Elden Ring is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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