Philippines Ranks 7th in 2022 Twitter Report for top Countries Tweeting About Gaming

Twitter has released a report that highlights the gaming-related conversations made on the platform for the first half of 2022.

On the lengthy report, it was mentioned that there were approximately 1.5 Billion tweets about gaming, which is a 36% increase from 2021, anchored by topics like Elden Ring, esports leagues like the VALORANT Champions Tour, and games showcases from Xbox and Sony.

The report also shows the top 10 countries that tweeted the most about gaming, and the Philippines takes the 7th place, behind countries like Japan, US, and Korea.

top 10 countries twitter gaming

The most tweeted about games was headlined by Genshin Impact, unsurprisingly, but followed by Wordle, Ensemble Stars, and Final Fantasy, among others. Elden Ring placed a distant 7th, behind Apex Legends and just ahead of VALORANT.

top 10 games twitter gaming

In other categories, FallenCS and TenZ took top honors as the most tweeted about esports athletes, LOUDgg and Karmine Corp were the most tweeted about esports teams, and Colon and Sapnap were the most tweeted about gaming personalities.

There are other gaming-related categories in the report, so if you’re interested in seeing the full Twitter report, just click THIS LINK.

These Twitter numbers will surely rise as the second half of the year kicks in, especially with such big releases incoming like God of War Ragnarok, events like The Game Awards, and much more.

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