Alone in the Dark Remake Leaks Ahead of Announcement

A new Alone in the Dark game is said to be announced soon, as evidence piles up across various sources.

Reputable leaker The Snitch tweeted a cryptic message a couple of days ago, which has been deciphered to be a line in the movie adaptation of the game. Since then, it’s been anticipated that an announcement is coming soon, specifically from the upcoming THQ Nordic showcase.

Now, we get a confirmation of sorts from another reputable leaker in Dusk Golem, who has mentioned that an announcement of the Alone in the Dark 1 remake is indeed coming and will reveal an RE:2 style remake that will feature a Southern Gothic Horror w/Lovecraft theme and a story from the writers of SOMA & Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Dusk Golem then proceeded to say that the upcoming Alone in the Dark Remake will feature two playable characters named Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, with each having a playable campaign that overlaps with each other.

The game will also have survival-horror elements that will involve scarce supplies and backtracking, among other things.

Further proof of the upcoming Alone in the Dark Remake announcement comes by way of Belgian retailer Smartoys, which published a product page earlier in the day. The listing has since been taken down.

Are you looking forward to an Alone in the Dark Remake?

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