Tower of Fantasy Launching v2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade Update on December 22

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio announced that the 2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade Update for Tower of Fantasy is coming on December 22.

The update, entitled Mirafleur Moonshade, unlocks other parts of the mysterious cyberpunk city of Mirroria, allowing wanderers to explore new areas such as Mirramoon Street, Treasured Garden, Aquaria Palace, Coolyland, and the Entertainment Center.

A large number of interior scenes and interactive content such as bowling, organizing a racing competition, and enjoying music at the Livehouse are also available. Wanderers can also enjoy a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, win rewards in the Lantern Riddles, and much more.

The latest update to Tower of Fantasy will also bring the latest simulacrum, Lyra, who is the only successor to Ms. Maidelin. Lyra is cold, mature, and armed with the Vesper, a physical weapon, which looks like a Cybernetic Arm with a massive damage boost and healing effect.

tower of fantasy v2.2 update lyra

Throughout the holidays and into the new year, players can expect festive events and bountiful rewards like Dark Crystals, Red Nucleus, holiday-themed skin, and more.

New gameplay and challenges will also be offered in the 2.2 update, including the Void Abyss beginning on January 1, 2023.

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