Top reasons why the new Galaxy A series is Awesome for Content Creators

Samsung Philippines has officially released the new Galaxy A Series with the Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G, and social media content creators are high-key vibing with its launch.

Here are the key reasons why today’s style icons love the new Galaxy A series!

Embracing the era of sleek and chic

samsung galaxy a series Kylie Celebre and Kenn Dayandan
Content creators Kylie Celebre and Kenn Dayandan strike a fun pose at the
Entertainment Zone of the Awesome Together Launch.

Funky colors are one of the main highlights of this season, and Samsung owns the trend that has Gen Z
content creators like Kylie Celebre, a beauty and lifestyle content creator also loving it. She said, “I honestly love the color selection. It has a very nice vibe and matches a lot of my outfits.” She also relates so much to these phones. “I love such an authentic life and I’m very much myself. I feel like the new Samsung series is very much me. It’s very bold. It’s very authentic.”, Kylie noted.

Meanwhile, for Kenn Dayandayan, AKA Kennnito, who is paving the way for more men to wear makeup, Samsung hits differently as the Galaxy A series has been his content creation smartphone of choice since day 1 of his content creator journey. For the new Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G, what excites him the most is the new design, “As content creators, it’s part of our idea to live an aesthetic life. I kind of want an exterior super pleasing to the eyes, sleek, and really aesthetic.”

Chelsea Valencia, a YouTube and Instagram content creator shared, “The lime and violet, I feel like it’s
very eye candy. Not a lot of phones have those colors because usually, they’re silver, gold; so, having
those colors, it’s something new to the eyes.”

She’s also into the design of phones. “I saw it has a glass back panel. Usually, when you look at a phone
that has a color you would think that it’s not super luxurious looking. But with the colors and on top of
that, a glass back panel, it gives off a luxury vibe.”
Chelsea added.

samsung galaxy a series Content creators
From left to right: Content creators Aika Agustin, Bianca Gan, Chelsea Valencia, Ciara Gan, and Patricia Gapay
during the Awesome Together Launch event of Samsung held at Marriott Hotel

High-key captures their creativity

Ciara Gan, an art and lifestyle content creator considers smartphones her bestie when it comes to capturing her personality as a content creator and as Gen Zer. “It’s an extension of yourself, and as a creative person, I really like to showcase my creativity with what I can capture…I think it’s [Galaxy A series] a really awesome phone because it has so many different features that you can explore,” shared Ciara.

Aika Agustin echoes this sentiment, sharing how she’s excited about the Nightography feature. Aika mentioned, “I saw that it was very good with daytime photos and also nighttime. Recently nighttime photos are getting hyped, [and] I’m very excited about that. Like no need to bring another camera just to take nighttime photos.”

samsung galaxy a series sofia yulo
Content creator Sofia Yulo smiles for a photo with the new Galaxy A54 5G

For Sofia Yulo an awesome phone is essential for her, especially as an emerging content creator. She
cited, “Being a part of Gen Z, creating content is something we’ve all grown to enjoy. The one thing I
look forward to the most is definitely the camera getting better and better.”

The new Galaxy A series simplifies content creation, especially for beginners. It allows you to capture excellent pictures and videos while giving you editing options akin to third-party software. It has optimized stabilization, which aids in shooting super steady videos in 1080p resolution, as well as VDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization), which reduces video shakiness using motion sensor data and video analysis, and a wider Optical Image Stabilization angle, which helps in minimizing distortion.

Content creation hits differently with a fast-charging battery and extra room for awesome memories

Content creation hits differently with a fast-charging battery and extra room for awesome memories Patricia Gapay, a Gen Z fashion and lifestyle content creator, is thrilled with the newly released Galaxy A series because of its battery life that helps her create content on the go. “Even if you charge really quickly it’s gonna last you pretty much the whole day. Usually, I need to bring a power bank, but at least with the new phone, it will last me all day long”, Patricia cited.

While for Bianca Gan, a YouTube content creator who loves traveling, sees the new Galaxy A series as a reliable smartphone, particularly when creating content during her adventures. She also said, “I’m super excited about the memory–the storage of the phone–because that’s something I personally struggle with sometimes, [is] running out of storage…It’s very powerful and has a lot of storage for me. “

The new Galaxy A Series offers up to 128GB of storage that is expandable with a Micro SD card, so you have plenty of room for your extraordinary memories. Furthermore, the awesome super-fast charging will give you up to 21 hours of video playback and a long battery life that can last up to two days on a single charge. Aside from awesome durability, if you stan brands that forward sustainability, then the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G may be your cup of tea. It’s environmentally friendly as Samsung makes its best effort to produce its smartphone products with recycled materials.

samsung a34 a54

The Galaxy A series are available with fantastic deals like Home Credit’s flexible payment plans and 0% Credit Card installment plans, and you can also save up to PHP 10,150 by trading in your old smartphone.

There are also bundle deals with other Samsung devices: save 50% on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds2, and save 30% on the Galaxy Watch5 Series. On top of that, the new Galaxy A series also comes with a free travel adapter.

The Samsung Galaxy A series is available through, Samsung Experience Stores,
Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee,, and MemoXpress Online.

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