Maya Unveils Legendary Collaboration with first-ever Mobile Legends-themed Card

Maya has announced that it is partnering with the Mobile Legends Professionals League (MPL) to unveil the exclusive MLBB Card, a limited-edition personalized card that brings exciting benefits to gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Featuring the iconic heroes of MLBB, the card collectibles showcase three beloved characters: Miya, The
Moonlight Archer, renowned for her agility and devastating attacks; Nana, The Sweet Leonin, who
unleashes powerful magical abilities on her enemies; and Zilong, known as the indomitable Spear of the
Dragon, a force to be reckoned with in the game.

maya mlbb card banner

For just Php 350, the card unlocks a world of advantages such as allowing users to enjoy all the incredible features of the card. It can also be linked to a Maya account to receive rewards every time it is used at over 800,000 merchants in more than 200 countries worldwide.

As a special bonus, users will receive a PHP 50 reward that can be used to purchase MLBB diamonds when they get their MLBB Card and use it for payments. Shipping is also free of charge when users sign up using the codes MLBBLOVESMAYA or MPLLOVESMAYA when purchasing the limited-edition card.

Additionally, fifty lucky winners will even receive a FREE MLBB Card simply by spending a minimum of P99 on Maya Shop for a limited time only.

For more information about the promo, head on over to the official Maya MLBB website.

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