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Atlus is joining the Switch party as a recent announcement revealed through the deceivingly “mini” Nintendo Direct that Catherine: Full Body is going full portable on July 7.

Catherine: Full Body was released last year as a remake to the 2011 classic. Part puzzle and part dating sim, the upcoming Switch release will be similar to that which was released for the PS4 and Vita last year, featuring new endings, mechanics, and stages as well as online multiplayer.

While it isn’t exactly a game that you’d let the kids play, fans of the title will appreciate the portability that comes along with this installment. Just don’t get caught in a seedy cutscene while on the public commute.

Following their formal announcement last year, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is now scheduled to be released on May 29, 2020.

Now where have we heard of May 29… OH RIGHT, a bunch of 2K games are releasing on the 29th as well.

With the definitive edition, expect updated graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and an epilogue entitled “Future Connected”. Check out the trailer for the official reveal:

Along with this release will be the various Collectors Editions depending on which region you wish to get it from. US fans will be slightly disappointed in the offering, as it lacks the usual CE offerings such as a Steelbook.

Fans from Europe get the longer end of the stick, getting a Steelbook as well as a better looking package overall, along with a Vinyl format soundtrack.

May 29 is going to be a wallet burner for Switch owners. Thankfully, you have a couple of months to save up for the impending bankruptcy.

There was quite a number of announcements during that not so mini Nintendo Direct that took everyone by surprise. One of which was the eShop release of the Sega Saturn classic, Panzer Dragoon, which you can get starting today.

Once an Apple Arcade gem, Capcom also released Shinsekai: Into the Depths with a surprise reveal.

As far as demos go, Trails of Cold Steel III and Arms both receive demos which you can start downloading as of this writing.

Arguably the biggest demo that everyone is looking forward to is for Bravely Default II, which is the… Third game after the confusing sequence of Bravely Default and Bravely Second.

Being a Switch owner has indeed proven to be fun, even in the midst of the quarantine situation. Fun, but with a very empty wallet.

It’s a rather old game, and also 2 years since it was released on the PS4 and Xbox One, but Burnout Paradise Remastered is making its way to the Switch later in the year. This release will include all expansion packs and DLC’s from before and best of all? The Switch version will keep the game at 60fps.

The Switch version will also feature online play as well as the ability to use the touchscreen to manipulate the map, all while retaining the fast paced action that the game has been known for, all in a fully portable package.

No exact release date has been revealed but we can expect the game to release sometime later this year.

Coming from a surprise direct “mini” as it’s called, Nintendo and 2K have announced a number of fantastic game collections for the Switch.

The Bioshock, XCOM2, and Borderlands collection will all come to the Switch on May 29 and will feature a total of 8 games all in all. Bioshock will have Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite along with DLC, XCOM 2 will have the base game along with the War of the Chosen expansion and all 4 DLC’s, and Borderlands will include Borderlands 1, 2, and the Pre-Sequel along with all DLC’s.

As seen on the game sleeve covers, additional download will be required to play these games, which partially defeats the purpose of a physical release in the first place.

Borderlands will only include the first game on the cart, prompting you for a massive install to get both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel up and running. XCOM 2 will only have the two base game missions, and Bioshock will need to download add-ons and DLC’s.

That said, maybe a digital purchase is the best way to go, seeing as digital versions tend to go on sale more often. If you collect physical copies though, then these are a must buy.

Grand Guilds, a story driven turn based RPG with card based combat mechanics, is currently scheduled to be released later today via digital realease. Steam, Utomik, and European Nintendo eShop account holders will be able to play the game come 10PM and US Nintendo eShop account holders will follow suit at 12MN.

Filipino based developers Drix Studios and publishers Keybol Games are as excited as the local fans because finally we can get to have a homegrown game that local gamers can fully support, with the hopes of bringing the emerging talents of the local game development scene into the forefront.

Grand Guilds will retail for $19.99 (or around PHP1,000) but if you pre-order before it goes live, you can avail of the 10% discount upon purchase!

The recently released demo of RE3 turned out really good. So good, in fact, that dataminers did what they do best and have uncovered some very interesting items in the code base. How interesting? How about some references to the Nintendo Switch?

Got your attention?

Rely on Horror reports that FluffyQuack, a modder responsible for the Fluffy Manager 500 mod for RE2, uncovered a couple of interesting code blocks that have reference to a Nintendo Switch. One code block references an auto save instance and the other, an eShop instance.

Of course this will lead to a LOT of speculation because WHY IS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we’ll have to think of it in a practical sense. RE3 is a massive game with heavy graphical requirements. That said, if a Switch port is even feasible to start with, expect it to be super scaled down, similar to The Witcher 3. It’ll take a feat of engineering genius, but it could probably be done.

It could also go the way of similar titles like RE7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, both being cloud based versions which will now rely mostly on bandwidth over actual hardware power.

We’re not saying that the datamined evidence points to actual upcoming projects, but it would be nice to dream, yeah? Nemesis on the go sounds pretty awesome, to be quite honest!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released over the weekend, much to the dismay of people who had pre-ordered their physical copies through local retailers. Most, if not all, of the people who are currently enjoying the game took to the eShop and have been playing nonstop since last week!

Some players have played so much of the game that they’ve already found an item duplicate glitch! GameXplain posted a video over the weekend (which has been taken down already) that basically explains a very easy trick to duplicate almost any item that you have in your inventory. You’ll simply need a second player in your game, the item you wish to duplicate that you can place on top of another, and your “base” item.

A video from JammerProHD explains the steps to achieving instant $$$.

So basically, you’ll want to place the two items you have on top of each other, with the item you want to duplicate on top. Invite a second player to your village and start spinning the items around while your main character picks up the item. It’s that simple! You’ll have to repeat the process a few times but it’s a little speed bump in the road to riches.

Easy peasy, yeah? Of course, if you want to play the game “properly” then you’ll want to avoid this glitch at all costs but if you’re looking for a quick buck and maybe a thousand Animal Crossing Themed Nintendo Switches strewn across your village, then have at it.

It’s quite possible that Nintendo already knows about this and are working on a patch to remove the glitch. Until then, I’ll leave you and your inner voices to argue about the morality of it all.

The Witcher 3 for the Switch may not have been the prettiest looking port out there, but no one can deny the magic that was made to get it decently playable. An upcoming update changes all that and more.

Update 3.6 for the Switcher not only includes graphical enhancement sliders but also allows for cross saves between the PC version via Steam and GOG as well as different regional Switch versions.

You can see the full change log below:

The cross save feature alone is HUGE. Imagine playing the game on the go with your Switch, coming home and continuing your progress on the PC seamlessly? Switch owners can rejoice while PS4 and Xbox owners will be left out for this feature unless CDPR decides to implement this in future updates.

If you’re one of the many Animal Crossing fans out there, you’re admittedly very excited for the release of the game next month. Tomorrow though, a huge info drop is about to happen as a 25 minute livestream for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled for 6AM PT. Locally, that’s around 10PM!

Check out the official announcement below:

Tune in on February 20 at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m ET for a roughly 25-minute livestreamed Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, featuring an in-depth look at Nook Inc.’s Deserted Island Getaway Package!

Posted by Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled to release on March 20, 2020.

If by any chance you really, REALLY love Animal Crossing, why not get the themed Switch Unit releasing alongside the game?

Nintendo announces an Animal Crossing themed Switch to release on March 13