Summer Game Fest – 10 Indie Games To Watch Out For

Summer Game Fest always delivers when it comes to indie games, and this year is no different. Our recent trip to Los Angeles yielded several titles we got to try out early, and here is a list of standouts and quirky titles to keep an eye on for either a future try or just for novelty’s sake.

Summer Game Fest – 10 Indie Games To Watch Out For

Anger Foot

Release Date: July 11, 2024
Platform: PC

Devolver Digital has always been a standout in delivering quality indie games with a particular flair. Anger Foot has always been on our radar since it was revealed during their yearly Devolver Showcase, and this year, we got to try it during their demo at the Volvy Party. What ensued was an insane mix of first-person action with some manic kicking action. Out next month!

Arranger: The Role-Puzzling Adventure

Release Date: July 25, 2024
Platform: PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Scheduled to release next month is a highly featured indie title shown in both Nintendo Indie World and at the Netflix showcase. Created by a powerhouse team, including the artist from Braid and the writer of Carto comes a unique hybrid title that combines RPG with puzzle elements to create an enjoyable title worth trying out. You can try it out on Steam now!

Steamworld Heist II

Release Date: August 8, 2024
Platform: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

A standout amongst the indie games we played is Steamworld Heist II from the storied Steamworld series that rose from a dungeon crawler to this massive open-world roguelite. We tried the game out for a good hour, and it was a blast shuffling through the different units for perusal as we completed contracts, collected loot, and solved different puzzles. Pre-orders are available now!

Hyper Light Breaker

Release Date: Late Summer Early Access
Platform: PC

Heart Machine took to Day of Devs last year to reveal the latest title in their Hyper Light series, following Hyper Light Drifter. Hyper Light Breaker takes this open-world roguelike to a whole different level, where you are cast into a turbulent world ruled by a Chaos King. Defeating bosses and grinding out your characters can help improve them until the Chaos King decides to destroy your world and start anew, but with more knowledge and permanent improvements. Try it out on their early access later this Summer!

Afterlove EP

Release Date: Q3 2024
Platform: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

From the creator of Coffee Talk comes a life simulator that explores moving on from a tragedy. After Cinta dies, it is up to Rama how he wants to spend his days. He can either wallow in sadness, improve himself, and maybe take his band to superstardom! It is all up to him being guided by Cinta’s ghost as he spends his days in Afterlove EP.

Fear The Spotlight

Release Date: Fall 2024
Platform: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

If there’s one reveal that excited me, it was Blumhouse Games’ slate of horror indie games. One game in particular caught my attention, and that is Cozy Game Pals’ Fear The Spotlight. It is a hearty mix of Clock Tower, Alone In The Dark, and Resident Evil from the PS1 era that brings back the nostalgia of imaginative horror titles from the 90s. Brian and Krista from Cozy Game Pals assured me that they’re finalizing the already polished title out for release this Fall!

Building Relationships

Release Date: Coming Soon
Platform: PC (Wishlist on Steam)

We can count on Day of the Devs to give us some of the quirkiest indie games around, and this year, we have two to showcase! One of these indie games is Tanat Boozayaangool’s (Tan Ant Games) Building Relationships. It is an adventure game that has some unique dating elements as you play as a house named Cementha as they explore an island filled with interesting structures such as Millie the windmill and Chesters who grant you skills, as well as fishing for cars. Still no release date, but if you’re curious, wishlist it on Steam!

Phoenix Springs

Release Date: Coming Soon
Platform: PC (Wishlist on Steam)

If there are indie games I really enjoy, they are mystery adventures, and Calligram Studio’s Phoenix Springs scratches that itch. Set in a neo-noir world where you play Iris as she searches for her brother. Unlike similar titles like King’s Quest, you don’t have items, but thoughts and ideas that will branch off to tackle the next clue. It took me a bit of getting used to, however, the voiceover is excellent and the narrative seems solid.

While Waiting

Release Date: Coming Soon
Platform: PC (Wishlist on Steam), Nintendo Switch

Here’s the second super quirky indie game from Day of the Devs, While Waiting, where the object of the game is… you guessed it… to wait. You wait for the bus, you wait for the person in the toilet to finish their business, and it even gets more meta when you start waiting for your game to download, your mobile game to recover their SP, and for the game credits to roll.


Release Date: Coming Soon (Maybe 2024?)
Platform: PC, Xbox Series X|S

Probably one of the few indie games we’ve kept our eye on and are still waiting with bated breath for launch (hopefully this year). We finally tried out REPLACED! Check out our hands-on preview for this title and see why it remains one of the games we are most excited about as it gears up for launch.

summer game fest 2024 10 indie games

Which one of these indie games caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

*All release dates are subject to change without notice.

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