The Valorant SEA Invitational has come and gone and after the dust has settled, Team Tempest from Taiwan are your champions, winning a total of $3,200 as well as a customised rig powered by Intel 10th Gen Gaming CPUs (Core i7-10700K).

Team Tempest, consisting of Hehe, Crazyface, Xargon, KMoMo and Zonda, defeated Thailand’s Team Titanium in the finals for a match score of 2-0.

For those that missed out on the action, you can view the whole invitational below:

Sadly, our very own Team Panorama, consisting of Maggiekarp, Justin Weaver, Gloco, Lionqueen, and Ashley Gosiengfiao, failed to make it to the finals but still took home $1,200 for their efforts.

The Valorant SEA Invitational also played out for a good cause as Riot Games Southeast Asia donated $10,000 to GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund to benefit projects working on the stop and prevention of the pandemic’s spread.

Valorant’s first Ultra Edition skin line, Elderflame, will turn your weapons into dragons. They look totally bomb and will literally toast the opposition. They’re fantastic and extremely worthy of being the first UI skinline out there, complete with custom animations and sound effects.

They also cost around $100 for the whole set.

These Ultra Edition skins will be available in the game on July 10 and individual skins will cost 2475 VP or Valorant Points. Joe Lee, Valorant’s revenue lead, posted the price tiers, indicating that the whole bundle will set you back 9900 VP is you want to get everything.

Valorant has VP bundles ranging from $5 to $100 and for the whole set that costs 9900 VP, you’ll want to get the $100 bundle of 11,000 points (around PHP5,000) for maximum value.

That’s not exactly cheap, when you think about it, but these are completely cosmetic so it’s nothing to get fussy about. If you’ve got the extra cash to spare, you can wreck your opponents and look good while doing it.


Following the global launch nearly a month ago, Valorant has found a thriving community, and with it, players who will always ask questions on what’s next for the game in terms of updates and content.

Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon shares their plans for the players and what they have in store for everybody post-launch:

Ranked mode is now available and some quality of life improvements like early surrender, remake matches, and timeouts, which are all highly requested features from the players themselves.

The next topic talks about “Episodes and Acts”, outlining that Episodes are meant to last 6 months while there will ideally be 3 Acts per episode, lasting about 2 months each. Each act will introduce a new agent and every year, a total of 6 agents will be added to the roster pool. Expect a major feature to be released like a new map or a new game mode during the start of episodes.

Some of the story developments will also be done through these episodes and acts, as well as a new battle pass per act, all in the aim of keeping the players occupied with content to grind for.

Disruptive behavior will also be a top focus for the team to make Valorant a better place to play. Keep reporting any untoward behavior and you can be assured that the team will bring the hammer down.

Valorant is off to a good start and it helps that the team is being transparent and receptive to player feedback and comments. Expect more updates soon!

After what seems like forever (the lockdown really messed up our body clocks), Valorant will finally go worldwide on June 2, with the game being free to download from the official website.

Peep the announcement video below from the Valorant Youtube Channel:

Right now, the game is on CBT or closed beta testing and Riot will be using this period to gain information about the game, fixing what’s needed before the game goes live for everyone. CBT will end on May 28 and it is important to note that if you’re one of the lucky players to have gained access during this phase, all progress will be reset so everyone starts off fresh.

Upon launch, a new agent and map will be added along with a beta game mode, skins, and a battle pass. Players from North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan and much more will be the first to hop into the game with everyone else following shortly after.

As with all worldwide releases, expect extremely high server traffic, which is why Riot will be deploying new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw to handle the load.