Catch the Pokemon Sword and Shield launch event at Robinson’s Magnolia from Rumble Royale and The Pokemon Center

Pokemon Sword and Shield is releasing on the 15th of November and while it may not quite be the game that the hardcore fans have been wanting, we can safely expect the game to still be a smash hit for the Nintendo Switch. To usher in the launch of the game, Rumble Royale will be holding a launch event over at Robinsons Magnolia this Friday 5PM onwards along with talents such as Riku, Gloco, Myrtle, Akosidogie, Suzzysaur, and much more!

Celebrate the launch of the game with fellow Pokemon fans while interacting with celebrities, Rumble Royale is bringing this event in partnership with The Pokemon Company along with other local partners to treat players and fans to one hell of an experience!

Yep, you also read right. It’s an official event in cooperation with The Pokemon Center so it quite possible that some official merchandise may also be sold during the show. If you have not purchased the game by then, don’t fret as you can obtain your copies of the game from the event!

Rumble Royale talents will also be competing in a Pokemon Go and Sword / Shield tournaments so you’ll want to watch out for that as well.

Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into a Pikachu parade?!

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