Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions announced for PS4, Switch, and PC

Soccer. Football. Whatever you want to call it, you can’t deny that it’s a worldwide phenomenon. So huge, in fact, that an Soccer Manga called Captain Tsubasa is making a comeback this 2020 in the form of a console game, 10 years after the most recent title!

Check out the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions trailer below!

Bandai Namco has announced that Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will be releasing worldwide this year for the PS4, Switch, and PC (Steam) and will feature Japanese voice-overs with subtitles!

Director of Brand Marketing Dennis Lee was happy to announce that they are “excited to take to the pitch and bring Captain Tsubasa back to western console and PC gaming audiences with Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions… With Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions we’re combining the global excitement surrounding the sport of soccer with the nostalgic appeal of the classic Captain Tsubasa franchise; all presented with anime style and flair. Soccer and anime fans are in for a truly unique and unforgettable experience!”

As described, the game will “immerse players in a fantastic anime portrayal of the world of professional soccer. Players will be able to execute an array of powerful offensive and defensive super moves as they battle powerful soccer teams. The game will feature multiple gameplay modes including Story Modes, Versus Mode, and Online Versus Mode.”

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