Ranida Games has just announced that PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition will be released in August 2020 on Steam Early Access. Arcade Edition is the PC version of the mobile game PBA Philippine Slam 2020! – Basketball.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is a 2-on-2 arcade-style basketball game inspired by the 90s basketball arcade games NBA Jam and Street Dunk. It features epic moves, high-flying dunks, no fouls, and a lot more exaggerated gameplay. The game also has Taglish commentary and gives players the option to choose their own game shoes, arena, and collect a variety of trophies.

The Arcade Edition will have multiplayer up to four players via local multiplayer, play with friends, or remotely via Steam’s remote Play Together. The game has full keyboard and controller support in addition to Campaign Mode and Quick Game.

“Bringing Basketball Slam to PC will allow more players to enjoy the game and will also allow us to enhance the game further,” says Ben Banta, CEO of Ranida Games.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition can now be wishlisted on Steam.

If you’re one of the millions of players currently enjoying Fall Guys, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new update incoming that is bringing back a fan-favorite level called Jump Showdown.

Announced by Fall Guys developers Mediatonic, the update will be coming in today and will include not only the new level, but more fixes to the game as well.

Other patch notes include:

  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation
  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only – Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

If you’re like me who HATES Royal Fumble, this update certainly brings good news!

Fall Guys is a huge hot topic these days, so much that various brands want in on some Fall Guys action, tweeting some skin concepts for the game that would look absolutely adorable!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available for PlayStation 4 (FREE via PlayStation Plus) and PC.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is loads of fun and in fact, it has become the top grossing game on Steam as of late! Who would have thought that a multitude of jelly bean-like competitors vying for crows would be so much fun?

Now, everyone wants a piece of the pi… bean, even KFC and Clash Royale, who have since tweeted out that they would love to see a Colonel Sanders and Pekka skin on the game.

Metal Gear and Ghost of Tsushima skins? Why surely!

IO Interactive wants some of that Bean47 action as well…

They’re also playing a cute little game with CD Projekt Red, checking as to whether Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher will make a better fit in Fall Guys land.

G Fuel and Chuck E. Cheese join in on the hype!

That’s not all, even the Washington Capitals, a National Hockey League team, wants in on the fun as well. Get Well Gamers, a charity that provides hospitals with video games, have also expressed their interest in the game.

It’ll be interesting to see how Mediatonic respond to these requests. As an Indie developer, the success the game is experiencing could be overwhelming and couple that with these requests from different brands, it may be all too much to take in. We’re enjoying the game and we hope that the developers find ways to make all of this work out!

Have you been playing the game? If you haven’t yet, it’s free right now for PlayStation Plus subscribers!

Two months after the first Night City Wire Pilot Episode and with four more months to go before the actual launch, the second episode paints a clearer picture of what to expect from the physical world of Night City. This episode takes a closer look at the actual in-game your main character, V, will experience through your distinct choices: both character-wise and through their arsenal.


At the start of the game, V will have to make a choice between three options: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Kidding aside, there are three lifepaths to choose from: Nomad, Street Kid, and Corpo as shown on the Lifepaths trailer.

The Street Kid grew up in the mean streets of Night City and has done everything they need to survive the harsh and bitter realities of a hyper-capitalist society. They’ve dodged cops, made deals with gangs, and they know the ins and outs of metropolis. They know the fixer to butter up and they know which gang they don’t want to piss off. Their lifestyle is feast and famine and it’s determined by their next job.

The Nomad hails from the Badlands outside of Night City and grew up with other nomadic tribes. They’ve survived the harsh desert wastes ravaged by global warming through the reliance on their tribal family. However, they value freedom most of all and their life has taken them to seek their fortunes in the new urban jungle of Night City.

The Corpo wage their high stakes cutthroat business deals behind Arasaka boardrooms through corporate espionage and day trading where they must perform and capitalize or die by the deals they’ve failed to secure. They’ve been double-crossed and left to hang and they must now traverse Night City to reverse their bad fortune.

Each backstory is different from each other and will lead you to different paths, dialog choices, and missions.

Your Class Determines Your Choices

As a complete RPG experience, your choice in the Lifepath will determine the pathway to your success in the game. V eventually progresses from being a lowly merc to a legend just like Johnny Silverhand and your origins definitely determine the way you play the game. Besides the obvious three playthroughs to see every choice made and missed in previous playthroughs, the experience will definitely differ with each disparate game experience. Once you’ve made a choice on your Lifepath, the bonuses and drawbacks carry over throughout the game and even beyond the post-game experience.

With the example being the quest of dealing with a gun running Maelstrom Gang, each experience will differ according to which Lifepath you would take. One way your Lifepath choice will matter are the dialogue options that unlock depending on your class.

It gives different classes a variety of options to succeed in different missions. A Corpo would know that the exec dealing with the Maelstrom Gang is Meredith Stout and you will know her interests, motives, and insider knowledge about this deal. A Nomad would know the intricacies of the Maelstrom Gang and with the tribal knowledge from the Badlands, you know what makes the gang tick. A Street Kid may be at a disadvantage with this deal not having the insider knowledge that a Corpo or Nomad would have. However, given their connections with Fixers like Padre, they can have an edge when dealing with nuanced situations like if the gang wanted some substances only a Street Kid can provide. Fixers are also revealed to be territorial with Padre taking on Haywood and other fixer Dexter introduced in the previous episode having his own territory. A Street Kid would have this knowledge and how they use this knowledge would give them an edge depending on the situation.

Lifepaths will matter and Cyberpunk 2077 will make sure that your choices matter as well.

The Music of SAMURAI

Johnny Silverhand makes an appearance with his anti-establishment band SAMURAI in this episode. With a cool blend of synthpop and punk rock, they create the general mood of the game. The general theme of the game is making a mark on Night City either as any Lifepath that you choose and with the aid of Johnny Silverhand and what he represents, the music will be integral for the overall gaming experience.

Swedish hardcore punk band “Refused” brings SAMURAI to life. While they were not gamers in the very sense of the word, they were able to relate to Johnny Silverhand and what they represent in the world of Cyberpunk. The interviews with the band members touch on how they as a band agree with Johnny’s philosophy and with that, their music synchronizes with it.

Three tracks of SAMURAI are now available for streaming with the fourth track out today.

Tools of Destruction

The episode ends with the Tools of Destruction trailer that highlights the arsenal V encounters and utilizes through the game to rise up the ranks in Night City. The arsenal ranges from different gun types to melee weapons featuring thermal katanas, and cybernetic mods, which highlighted arm blades and rockets launched from V’s forearm.

The designers at CD Projekt Red spent a lot of time merging the FPS gameplay with the heavy RPG elements from the tabletop adaptation. While equipment and cybernetic modifications play an important role to the character progression, what separates it from its FPS counterparts is how V progresses in the game with heightened accuracy, reload speed, and power. The increased skill structure readies V in taking on all the challenges in their environment to the highest challenge of the game.

Weapon types are separated by rarity ranging from common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. They are acquired via purchase or through looting through loot caches or from enemies. The more powerful legendary weapons are hinted to be only possessed by certain individuals that must be killed to acquire. As an RPG, I presume they can also give you said legendary weapon if you do them a favor that comes once in a lifetime. Not everything has to be resolved through violence.

Guns, Lots of Guns

As Night City Wire only has thirty minutes in every episode, a lot of focus fell on the guns. There are three gun types that have been specified through the segment:

Power types are more akin to contemporary guns but have an advantage using their firepower to ricochet bullets to catch enemies behind cover. Tech types rely on electromagnetic attributes to shoot through walls, doors, and are great for infiltrator types. Smart guns are strengthened by their guided projectile technology able to take on multiple enemies in hard to reach areas. I’m intrigued by smart weapons as they’ve revealed an eight-barreled shotgun that can target eight separate enemies at once. However, whatever firepower you do possess, your enemies do as well. As much as you’ve rendered cover obsolete for them, they can do the same to you.

Weapon mods such as attachments in the form of a scope and silencers give your guns an edge given a situation but also software mods increase the attribute of the gun as well giving it better accuracy, power, reload time, and firing rate. Ammo types can also be changed from non-lethal types to chemical rounds as well. 

Each gun also differs depending on the manufacturer of said weapon. Tsunami Defense Systems, manufacturer of the Tsunami Nekomata sniper rifle focuses on the tech aspect of the said rifle giving it an edge against enemies hiding in opposite rooms waiting for an ambush. Budget Arms’ Carnage, a powerful shotgun provides a more down and dirty feel when taking on enemies head on.

I’m curious what else the next (and probably final) episode of Night City Wire will offer. They’ve already shown the physical aspects of combat as well as other stylized modes of storytelling from the previous episode. For the next episode, I hope they show netrunning and how that factors into an already huge game with crazy amounts of content.

Are you ready to unload your life when Cyberpunk 2077 releases on November 19? We are.

The second episode of Night City Wire has come and gone and boy, a LOT of new information to build up the hype for the upcoming title from CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077.

If you failed to catch the whole episode, you can check it out in the video below:

As shown during the first Night City Wire Episode, you’ll be able to choose how your character will start out as – Nomad, Street Kid, or Corporate. This is your “Lifepath” and each path will provide a distinct introduction to the world of Night City, with different events and choices that will shape your gameplay experience throughout the game.

Each Lifepath choice will offer you a vastly different intro depending on your choice – a different mission, a different set of characters to interact with, different dialog choices, etc. As such, what Lifepath you choose will ultimately shape your journey throughout Night City.

You can check out a detailed run through of Lifepaths below:

The next part of Night City Wire discussed the various weapons V can choose to equip himself with in the game. There are guns, cyberware weaponry, and even instances where you will be forced to duke it out melee style and it is up to you as to which weapon you will use throughout your foray into the most dangerous city of the dark future.

View the various tools of destruction walk through below:

Cyberpunk 2077 immerses you in the world of Night City Wire and with it, you’ll have to become a true SAMURAI yourself. Swedish hardcore punk band “Refused” did just that, as they talk about the creative process behind becoming SAMURAI, the in-game chrome rock legends of Cyberpunk 2077.

Check out the full transformation as well as interviews with the band members below:

Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast and rich world of lore and players who wish to dive deeper into the world and you can do just that as “The World of Cyberpunk 2077” is now available through the Dark Horse Books site.

Fan of collectibles? Make the first Gear’s first Cyberpunk 2077 themed figure, Trauma Team Elite Response Unit, as part of your collection. This 15-inch, hand-painted figure will set you back $350 and is available for pre-orders now.

Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled to release on November 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Fans taking on the next generation consoles will be glad to know that there will be a free next-gen upgrade for owners of the current-gen versions.

June 14 saw the launch of Persona 4 Golden on Steam at it immediately became a smash hit, selling around half a million units around a month after it launched, surpassing the PS Vita lifetime sales. Obviously, there is a great demand and Sega have been made aware about it, prompting a discussion during their investor’s meeting.

During the meeting, a question was raised whether more games from the company will be sold on PC, as a response to the smashing success of the recently released Persona 4 Golden. As quoted from Persona Central, Sega Sammy CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Kouichi Fukazawa had some encouraging words for all the fans out there waiting for more ports:

Q: “Persona 4 the Golden” has been selling well on Steam, but do you have any plans to sell newly released games on Steam as well?

A: We remastered “Persona 4 the Golden”, a title previously sold on the PlayStation Vita, and released it for sale on Steam this fiscal year. Because of the game’s critical acclaim and its low selling price, sales were much stronger than expected. We will continue to actively promote porting previously released titles to Steam and new platforms. We are also negotiating with platform holders for new games in the future, and we’re considering ways to sell under favorable conditions for each title. Among them are measures such as preparing PC versions of the titles from the beginning, with multi-platform releases in mind.

This is obviously great news for everyone who has not played some of the other Persona titles, like Persona 5, as it is currently only available for the PlayStation. While no specifics have been announced as to what the next title they will be releasing or even when it will be released, we can at least rest easy that Sega will be considering this in the future, similar to what they are doing with Shin Megami Tensei for the Nintendo Switch.

If you haven’t jumped on the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout hype train yet, you’re missing out. Just ask the 1.5 million (and counting) new players that played the game within the first 24 hours since it launched, quickly climbing up the Steam and Twitch rankings over the weekend.

Developers Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital have got a certified hit on their hands, and despite the server hiccups during launch, the game has gone on to be the perfect game for those short “stress-free” sessions.

In fact, over the weekend, it became the number 1 top grossing and top selling game on Steam!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a Takeshi’s Castle inspired game where players battle it out across multiple rounds to claim the crown. Each round, a number of players get eliminated and you’ll have to keep your wits about you to get the W. Sounds simple? Not quite!

If you’re dying to check it out, its one of the free PlayStation Plus games this August! The game is also available on Steam for PHP449.95.

The past few months saw what could have been the best stretch of quality games in recent memory. With games like the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake and Last of Us Part II, to brand new IPs like Ghost of Tsushima, one can only look forward to more as we head into the next generation.

August looks to slow down the pace a bit in terms of high profile releases but there are a number of gems spread throughout the month, like Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC, Battletoads for the Xbox One and PC, Fall Guys for the PlayStation 4 (which is free for PS Plus Subscribers), and No Straight Roads.

Here is your game release calendar for August 2020:

August 4

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4)
  • Skully (PS4, Switch, Xone)

August 7

  • Fast & Furious Crossroads (PS4, Switch, Xone, PC)
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (PC)

August 11

  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon: Infinite Combat (PS4, Switch)

August 13

  • A Total War Saga: Troy (PC)

August 14

  • UFC 4 (PS4, Xone)

August 18

  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker (PS4, Xone)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC)
  • Rogue Legacy 2 (PC)

August 20

  • Battletoads (Xone)

August 21

  • PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4, Switch, Xone)
  • Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time (PS4, Switch, Xone)

August 25

  • No Straight Roads (PS4, Xone, PC)
  • Monstrum (Xone)

August 27

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered (PS4, Switch)
  • Tell Me Why: Chapter 1 (Xone, PC)
  • Surgeon Simulator 2 (PC)

August 28

  • Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (PS4, Switch)
  • Madden NFL 21 (PS4, Xone)
  • Project Cars 3 (PS4, Xone, PC)
  • Wasteland 3 (PS4, Xone, PC)
  • Windbound (PC)

August 31

  • Descenders (PS4, Switch)

Nearly a year since its release, Borderlands 3 remains to be a game that fans of the franchise can enjoy, especially with the plethora of updates it has received over the past few months. On the fence about this latest installment? You’re in luck as you can try it out for free on select platforms this weekend!

2K Games has announced that starting today until August 9, PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to enjoy Borderlands 3 for free as you shoot and loot your way across the galaxy. Enjoy the game enough to continue your adventure? All your progress will carry over should you choose to purchase the game, which is also on sale right now for up to 50% off on the respective storefronts. Meanwhile, Stadia users can enjoy the free play until August 10, while Steam players get to try it out until August 12.

Simply search for the Standard edition of Borderlands 3 on your platform’s online store and choose the free demo option, which won’t be available from the Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions of the game.

Check out the links below:

PlayStation 4 users will need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to participate.

Yes, you read that right! Riot Games has just announced that the annual international League of Legends event, 2020 World Championship (Worlds 2020) will push through and will be held in Shanghai, China. The best teams from around will be competing starting September 25, 2020, and will culminate on October 31, 2020.

Unlike the more recent tournaments, Worlds 2020 will be held solely in Shanghai with the Finals being held in the Pudong Soccer Stadium. This, according to Riot, will reduce travel throughout the tournament and give them the ability to more closely control the show environment. In addition, the company will continue to use guidance from various health organizations as well as local and national authorities to prioritize the safety of the players, fans, and everyone involved.

Riot Games has also announced that the 2021 World Championship will go back to China for a full multi-city tour. North America will be the next to host in 2022.

This is the second time the tournament will be held in China with the first in 2017 where Korean team Samsung Galaxy toppled the legendary SK Telecom T1 in the Finals.

Chinese teams have been on the rise after Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix were crowned champions in 2018 and 2019, respectively. It would be interesting to see if a Chinese squad can take home the title of World Champion and do it on home soil.