CONSCRIPT is the WWI classic survival horror that will haunt your nightmares

We’re always on the lookout for hidden gems in every showcase. These games aren’t normally big-ticket titles but they hopefully shape up to be future favorites.

During the recently concluded Gamescom Indie Showcase, Kickstarted 16-bit survival horror CONSCRIPT made the rounds and it’s looking like an atmospheric nightmare as well as an interesting premise.

You can check out the 3-minute clip below which shows some gameplay:

Set in the Battle of Verdun in France in 1916, you take the role of a lone French soldier surviving the nightmarish trench warfare while stumbling upon an unspeakable horror that lurks within. As you solve puzzles, take on different foes using weapons and the environment to your advantage, and upgrade your gear all in a classic 16-bit aesthetic.

CONSCRIPT is releasing in 2022 on PC and hopefully on consoles.

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