Following their first release with KOF Final Battle AllStar, VNG is gearing up for another release and this time, Haohmaru, Ukyo and Nakoruru take center stage.

Entitled SAMURAI SHODOWN: The Legend of Samurai, the game will be launched in the Philippines soon for Android and iOS devices and you can already pre-register to receive massive rewards worth more than $100!

SAMURAI SHODOWN: The Legend of Samurai will feature an interesting take on the MMOARPG style of play and is set to be a Japanese-style 3D game for players who love fierce and strategic battles.

You can choose 1 out of 10 occupations under 4 classes and Each class has more than ten active skills, which definitely caters to any style of play that you might want to take while playing the game.

There are also multiple PVP and PVE modes 1v1, 3v3, Demon World Battle, and the 9 different PvE Dungeons waiting to be explored.

Pre-register now by visiting THIS LINK to get a stack of rewards that includes Kyoshiro Senryo, 180 Bound Jade Chest, 3 Large Portions of Sushi, and much more.

For more information about SAMURAI SHODOWN: The Legend of Samurai, you can check out the official website, their Facebook fanpage, or you can join the official Facebook group as well!

Craving for a new mobile adventure RPG? Guardian Tales could scratch that itch for you. Filled with challenging puzzles, nostalgic pixel game designs, and an amusing storyline, Guardian Tales will lead players on an epic adventure right in the comfort of their mobile devices.

Check our the trailer below:

Guardian Tales is an action adventure RPG with retro pixel game elements combined with beautiful character illustrations. Each world comes with challenging puzzles and hidden routes outside of the map where exciting loots and rewards are waiting to be claimed.

With over 50 amazing heroes to collect, Players will create a team of 4 and play together with their Guild in Raid or fight against other players in the Arena and Colosseum. There are also many puzzles and challenging dungeons to complete and hidden locations to discover!

Guardian Tales is now available globally and for more information about the game, head on over to their Facebook page and download the game via THIS LINK.

On August 7, Hearthstone’s latest expansion entitled Scholomance Academy goes live. Featuring 130 new cards including 40 dual class cards, this new update is sure to shake up the game as we know it.

As with the usual tradition before a big expansion hits, card reveals have started last July 22 and for Scholomance Academy, Hearthstone personalities take part in the show, revealing cards that will be part of the new expansion. Not to be left behind, the Philippines will take part in the festivities!

Local Hearthstone caster and player ExcelsorPH will be unveiling an exclusive card on July 29 (that’s today!) at 7:30 p.m. on his Facebook page and if you want in on the excitement, be sure to watch the stream later tonight.

Wyndsor Martillana, or ExcelsorPH as he is famously known, is not only an avid Hearthstone fan, but he is also a licensed doctor, caster, and voice actor. “Every new expansion gives birth to a multitude of meta-defining decks. Being part of that change is an honor and I am proud to be part of this exciting experience,” exclaimed ExcelsiorPH.

To learn more about the upcoming expansion, check out the cinematic trailer below:

Ubisoft has recently announced two titles that will be coming to mobile in August – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and Brawlhallla.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighting game. The game has 50 unique Legends and counting. The growing roster include the recent Legend, Jaeyun and Rayman to crossover characters like Finn and Jake from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Diamondhead, Four Arms, and Heatblast from Cartoon Network’s Ben 10.

It also has cross-platform allowing you to play with others on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and Windows PC.

Brawlhalla will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store starting August 6.

For more on Brawlhalla, visit the official website.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, on the other hand, is a free-to-play mobile RPG game featuring iconic character from the Tom Clancy’s video game series like Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, and Rainbow Six. This includes 70 characters like Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, Montagne, Nomad, and more.

The game includes a campaign mode, PVP battles, and even guild wars for quite a variety of fun for everyone.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store on August 27. You can pre-register to unlock an exclusive in-game reward – a weapon for Montagne.

For more on Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, click here.

Hot on the heels of the Crash Bandicoot 4 reveal is a brand new mobile game for both iOS and Android called Crash Bandicoot: On The Run and it is developed by King, the minds behind Candy Crush.

You can view the announce trailer below courtesy of the KingOnlineGames Youtube Channel:

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is an endless runner, similar to games like Temple Run, and will feature our favorite marsupial in his element as he faces off against classic bosses and locations from previous Crash games. There is also a base building element of sorts where players can expand Coco’s base.

The official overview of the game can be seen below:

In Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! , Dr. Neo Cortex has dispatched iconic villains across the multiverse to take control of all dimensions. With the help of his sister Coco, Crash must bash Cortex’s minions back to their own dimensions!

Use Crash’s unstoppable energy and let the fur fly as you run, spin and slide your way to stop the dastardly Dr. Neo Cortex from destroying all worlds.

Make a mad dash through Turtle Woods, Lost City and Temple Ruins to take on classic enemies and bosses, including Scorporilla and Nitrus Brio!

Team up with Crash’s sister Coco and gather ingredients on your runs to craft wild and wacky weapons. 

No release date was specified but you can pre-register via the On The Run official website. Pre-registering will get you an exclusive blue hyena skin when the game is launched.

In a previous report confirming a couple of new Metal Slug games to be released this year, details have emerged on the mobile title and it has been announced by Publisher SNK and Developers TiMi Studios that the upcoming game will be Metal Slug Code: J.

Reports state that the Code: J development is nearing completion by Tencent subsidiary, TiMi Studios, and you can view the official trailer below:

Yasuyuki Oda, game producer from SNK, shares that “Metal Slug has such an amazing history of great action and gameplay so we’re proud to bring this to mobile gamers around the world. We’re happy to work closely with such a strong developer as TiMi Studios on this latest Metal Slug title.”

Metal Slug Code: J is moving away from it’s trademark pixel art, at least for this title, and taking on a more modern look but still leaving the classic gameplay fans know and love about the franchise. Does this screen look familiar to you?

Metal Slug Code: J is currently in development with no definite release date as of writing.

If you’ve ever wanted to cut through all of the noise and simply have a platform that is focused for gamers and created by gamers, then ‘Kalaro’ could be the one you’re looking for.

Kalaro is a fully integrated and end-to-end social networking app that will feature tournament management and corporate brand sponsorship and will cater to the country’s exponentially growing esports industry.

“Our goal is to create a central hub for esports entertainment and at the same time support budding and expert Filipino esports e-athletes to excel through the active support from the esports community and sponsorship from corporate brands,” said Jun D. Lasco, Kalaro software architect and Founder of Inc. / Pnex Intl Corporation.

Kalaro is designed to serve as a virtual community for esports players, coaches, teams, influencers, team owners, leagues, and esports fans. Get to meet other gamers, initiate conversations, receive updates about the upcoming event, launch and manage tournaments, and much more.

With Kalaro, brands can also set up online storefronts and will allow companies to advertise, sponsor, and sell products that will target their market directly.

Setting up an account is simple and you can sign up by using your existing Facebook, Twitch, or Google accounts, even just your mobile number or email will do. Gamers who want more from the platform have the option to go premium for access to other unique features.

Kalaro is scheduled to launch in October of this year and you can learn more about the platform via their various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch.

Fighting game and mobile game fan? Look no further as SNK Corporation and VNG has just announced that the newest mobile game on the block is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

KOF Final Battle – AllStar is a card-battle strategy mobile game developed by SNK Corporation Japan, and published in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines by VNG Corporation. The game is based on iconic characters from fighting game classics such as The King of Fighters, The Last Blade, and Samurai Shodown.

KOF Final Battle – AllStar features your favorite characters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai, Orochi, Terry, Kula, Athena Asamiya, Naokoruru, and Tachibana Ukyo among others and will allows players to build
their own squad, offering a diverse system of characters offered via a gatcha mode that turns normal fighters into a dream squad for players.

The game offers an AFK mode that allows users to turn on auto fighting mode to regain power-up resources, gold, and diamonds, as well as other mini-games such as throwing darts, jumping over obstacles, and shooting birds which allow users to receive diamonds and power-up resources upon

Open beta starts today, June 25, for both iOS and Android and you can download the game through THIS LINK.

You can find out more information about KOF Final Battle – AllStar from their official website, Facebook Fanpage, and their Youtube Channel! In the meantime, check out some in game screenshots below:

Apex Legends will make its way to mobile devices towards the end of 2020, as was revealed by none other than EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Twitter User ApexLatest has posted this status update, which shows Wilson speaking during a conference call and had this to say:

Wilson was quoted saying “”we have PvZ3 in soft launch, we’ve talked about having Apex Legends in soft launch by the end of this year. You’ve heard me talk about 6 or 7 other games in various stages of incubation or production or in finaling phase.”

No definite date was given, and we’ve yet to find out whether the full commercial launch of the game will happen in 2020 as well.

Just a few days ago, it was confirmed that Apex Legends will make its way to the Nintendo Switch and Steam in the Fall of 2020 with cross-play capabilities being enabled across all platforms.

Nintendo, in partnership with Tencent, has announced a new team based MOBA entitled Pokemon Unite.

Yes, you read right, a MOBA similar to games like Mobile Legends or Wild Rift.

You can view the presentation below:

Pokemon you control can level up by eliminating wild Pokemon in the field and you can evolve as you level up, allowing you to access more skills and attacks which you can customize to suit your playstyle.

Each Pokemon has what is called a “Unite Move” which can turn the tide of battle when used. The objective of the game is to score as much points as you can by taking on the various “goals” within the time limit.

The game will support cross play between mobile devices and the Switch and it will be a free-to-start game when it launches.

No details have been given as then when the game will launch, stay tuned for more announcements.