Ragnarok X: Next Generation now has a Pet System

Ragnarok X: Next Generation continues to get better with each update and now, the game finally has the highly anticipated Pet System along with fun and unique events designed to highlight the new system.

In Ragnarok X: Next Generation, pets will loyally follow their owners around, as well as become an active part of each adventurer’s battle strategies. Each pet will be born with a specific talent that highlights their special passive traits, which makes them the perfect companion for your adventures.

ragnarok x next generation pets

With this update, players have 16 pets available for collection – 9 have to be caught, 6 have to be evolved, while Phreeoni will only be available through events. All players have to do to unlock the pet system is to attain a base level of 60 and complete three guided quests.

As part of the update, Ragnarok X: Next Generation players will also be able to take part in two special events, each with its own unique rewards. The Poring vs. Lunatic event will have players compete to earn points from completing daily quests and the Pet Adventures event will see players take on a Monopoly-style board game or go on a hunt for monsters to earn points that can be exchanged for prizes.

For more information about Ragnarok X: Next Generation, you can check out their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel, or the official website.

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