Monster Hunter World: Iceborne kicks off its Grand Appreciation Fest on January 24

It’s been two years since Monster Hunter World was released, and it was definitely a milestone for Capcom! Aside from the massive sales, it was Monster Hunter World that finally let the series break out of its niche status and enjoy mainstream success. It’s also a game that keeps on giving with its new patches and of course the massive expansion Iceborne.

To celebrate its 2-year Anniversary, Monster Hunter World Iceborne will be launching a Grand Appreciation Festival Event on January 24, bringing with it new items and gear to craft!

Like all the previous events, the Grand Appreciation Festival will see the Gathering Hubs in Seliana and Astera decorated flamboyantly for the occasion, bringing a more “spacey” theme to it with all the bright lights and galaxy decorations. It also goes without saying that every hunter’s resident cuties, Poogie and the Handler, will be dressed in space themed outfits as well!

Of course the meat of the Event will be the new quests where you can earn items and Gratitude Tickets to craft new armor and weapons for your Hunter and Palico. As of this writing the official names of the quests haven’t been released yet, so expect more updates on that soon!

Expect some really interesting loot this time around, like the very stylish Astral armors that make you look like some Celestial Being, and even an alien look for your Palicos. If you’re feeling nostalgic there’s also a Palico armor that resembles the classic Felyne look from the old games.

New Layered Armor will be available as well, like the Nergigante Armor (finally!). New weapons? There’s definitely a treat for all the Hammer users out there, both literally and figuratively, as the new Hammer looks like a giant well done steak!

It’s only fitting that this Event is called a Grand Appreciation Festival, because you can really feel how appreciative Capcom is for all the love and support Monster Hunter World is getting, and rightfully so. The Grand Appreciation Festival will launch January 24, 2020 and you will need to have the Iceborne Expansion to enjoy most of the features of the Festival.

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