Marvel’s Avengers gets its next-gen versions on March 18 alongside Hawkeye

Remember Marvel’s Avengers? Well they’re still around and they’re bringing a new friend with them on their next-gen launch! On March 18, the game will finally launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series and will come with Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect starring Hawkeye as the new hero to be introduced to the team. Players who currently own the game will get the next-gen upgrades for free, allowing for save file transfers, along with cross-gen play.

The story trailer features the titular character facing off a dark future where the Kree has laid waste to Planet Earth and with it an evil future version of the Hulk– Maestro presents himself as a challenge.

The PS5 and Xbox Series versions will feature 4K resolution for the PS5 and Series X (1440p on Series S), higher frame rates, significantly faster load times, improved destruction and detail, and the PlayStation 5 version also features haptic feedback for each hero. If you’ve secured your next-gen console and haven’t tried out Marvel’s Avengers, looks like it’s a great time to jump into the action.

Will you be picking this up once the next-gen versions come along?

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on the PS4, Xbox One X|S, and the PC.

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