Rumors swirling about a couple of new Silent Hill games including a soft reboot

We love rumors! Gives us something to talk about even though it may or may not be true at all. We’re hoping that this latest one is actually true because it involves one of the best horror IP’s in the name of Silent Hill.

Twitter user AestheticGamer has mentioned about a couple of new Silent Hill games in the works, with one as the soft reboot and another being episodic as inspired by the Telltale games. Peep the post below:

Who is AestheticGamer and why should we listen to him? While everything is obviously a rumor until official announcements are made, AestheticGamer has been known to be quite reliable, previously leaking Resident Evil 3 from a couple of years back. We implore you to still take this rumor with a massive grain of salt, but if his reliability holds up, then it’s something definitely exciting for fans of the series.

We’re not holding out for this one to come out on the PS4, maybe for the next generation? Can you imagine how infinitely scarier Silent Hill would be with next gen graphics? We’ll be waiting patiently for an official announcement but until then, it would be nice to dream of this being real!

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