Imagination is everything as we take a look at some fantastic creations from Dreams Universe

By the time you read this, Dreams Universe for the PS4 will already have been released to the public. One of the more anticipated releases for February, Media Molecules’ masterpiece is a fantastic canvas for creativity and since it was opened up for early access, we’ve already seen so many superb creations from the community!

Dreams Universe is looking to raising the bar to a level way beyond Little Big Planet and to take a look at what exactly you can do in the game, here are some of the creations that caught our eye.

Final Fantasy 7 Dreamake by sosetsuken5539

Itching to play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake but can’t wait til April? Well take a look at this creation by sosetsuken5539 as he “Dreamakes” FF7 in stunning quality from the toolset provided by Dreams Universe. The level of detail and talent here is insane, allowing players to actually create games within games!


It Glows Music Video by I_Require_Loops

Not confined to creating a game, I_Require_Loops composed a music video full of vivid colors and a catchy tune! This certainly deserves recognition for the way it was put together and is really something that makes great use of Dreams Universe’s tools and the power of one’s imagination.


SlidEout 3019 by gaffreman

User gaffreman made this very accurate homage to the classic Playstation racing IP Wipeout and it plays just as awesome as it looks. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think that this was a real Wipeout level!


Lord of the Rings’ Minas Tirith by Bevis2

Fans of the classic book and movie series The Lord of the Rings will very likely remember Minas Tirith, that vast and majestic city fully featured in Return of the King. Here, user Bevis2 faithfully recreates that breathtaking city as accurate as you can get, it’s like you can actually hear the Lord of the Rings theme play!


Prometheus by ROTHNIEL

A first person shooter that oozes with awesomeness. Prometheus has that sci-fi look that gives off some Halo vibes and the fact that this is actually even possible in Dreams Universe makes us excited to know what else other Dreamers can create!


Dead Space by Quinn Barnett

We’ve got to give kudos to user Quinn Barnett for being able to recreate a scene from the classic space survival horror Dead Space. Fans will remember this scene being the beginning of the game with Isaac Clarke beginning his rescue mission and entering the already doomed SS Ishimura. It’s highly accurate, even the tense and dreadful atmosphere of the original game is there!

Indeed, you can only be limited by your imagination and once Dreams Universe go live, we’ll be able to see more outrageous and mind-blowing creations from across the globe. Stay tuned for our review!

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