Sam Porter Bridges Nendoroid from Death Stranding is up for pre-orders from various local retailers

Can’t get enough of Death Stranding, the latest masterpiece from one Hideo Kojima? Well here’s a treat for all fans of the game as the Good Smile Company has opened up pre-orders for Sam Porter Bridges in Nendoroid form!

Peep the pics of the figure below:

This cute rendition of Sam Bridges, portrayed by Norman Reedus, comes with various attachments, including an alternate hairstyle, a bridges hoodie, an Odradek scanner, and most importantly, BB!

As with Nendoroid figures, Sam Bridges is poseable to some degree, which you can play around with using the included figure stand. You can also attach cargo to various parts of his body, just like in the game!

There are 2 versions of the upcoming figure. First is the standard Sam Bridges figure with all the various attachments but for the hardcore fan, you’ll want to take a peek at the “Great Deliverer” version, which includes 21 more colored cargo cases that will allow you to stack up your backpack cargo that’s sure to encumber even the greatest of porters.

Pre-orders for this figure is ongoing across local retailers like Big Boys Toys Store and will retail for PHP3,950 for the Great Deliverer Version. Retailers will impose a deposit fee which may vary depending on who you choose to pre-order from and the release date is expected to be sometime August to September 2020.

Head on over to your favorite toy retailers so you don’t miss the chance to pre-order! Here, we leave you with Sam eating a cryptobiote. Yum yum!

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