Club Audition Mobile Early Access is ongoing

Club Audition Mobile (CAM) is now in Early Access (or Closed Beta) for Southeast Asia until early February.

You get to play and test the game before launch if you sign up for Early Access. The service is made available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  

club-audition-mobile-early-access-1The mobile version brings all the features of the PC version while also adding in its own flair to your smartphone.

Throughout the period, you’ll get to play the different game modes and the many items to customize your in-game avatar. These include a head-to-head mode or a couple mode where synchronization is key.

club-audition-mobile-early-access-2Everyone can join Club Audition Mobile’s Early Access. Exclusive pre-registration items will also be given to those that play in the Early Access when the game goes live.

club-audition-mobile-early-access-3To get access to the game, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up by going here
  2. Answer the quick questionnaire
  3. We will email you instructions on how to download the game! For Android users, you may need to wait around 8 hours for the email. For Apple users, you may need to wait around 4 hours for the email instructions
  4. Download and install the game and start playing!


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