This Pikachu-themed Joy-Con grip is a must buy for Pokemon fans

There’s an new Joy-Con grip in town and it’s looking to give your Switch the punch of color it needs to brighten up the room.

Coming from PowerA, the Pokemon Joy-Con Comfort Grip is now available as a pre-order on Amazon and will set you back a measly $14.99, or roughly around PHP750. No local retailers have placed pre-orders on this item yet but given that we’ve gotten stocks of other PowerA items before, it’s not wrong to expect that this may come to our shores as well.

Clad in a two-tone yellow and black theme, this grip will firmly hold your Joy-Cons in place for those extra tense sessions but don’t expect it to charge them, this is just a grip, for those wondering. Missed opportunity there, eh?

Check out some product shots below and let us know if you’ll want to pick these up when they release on August 15!

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