Legendary unboxer Matteo Guidicelli finally meets the PlayStation 5

The time has finally come. We knew it would happen sooner or later and today is the day that Matteo Guidicelli finally gets his hands on the PlayStation 5.

In case you didn’t know, Matteo, a local celebrity, had a previous PS4 unboxing that was quite a “shocking” one by unboxing standards, which you can see here. Long story short, he totally rips of the outer sleeve of the product, which isn’t the usual way to open it up. The way he handles the system is also not what you would expect for a console.

But we’re not here for his old video. We’re here for his brand new PlayStation 5 unboxing, which as you can guess, could be as trigger-inducing as his previous PlayStation 4 video. Some images before calamity, as the meme says…

Yikes! He even places his mic on the box for that ASMR feel while ripping it open. Not the way most of us would unbox this valuable piece of hardware but it’s his unit so…

You can view the whole unboxing down below:

We’re sure he’s enjoying the console with some great games like Demon’s Souls and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition after the unboxing. He can probably just buy another box anyways, yeah?

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