2021 LG Smart TVs will have Stadia built in

Looks like Google Stadia is trying to getting ahead of Microsoft in the future battleground of cloud gaming by staking their hold on soon to be released LG Smart TVs. In a press release by LG, they announced a planned partnership with Google as the first Smart TV to natively support Stadia game play. This basically means that all future LG sets in the second half of 2021 will contain Stadia natively, in countries where the service is available. A sweet deal, all things considered.

Stadia had a lukewarm journey throughout its first year as a pioneer in the game streaming sphere due to its interesting business model and with varying internet speeds, it’s still not a viable option for most gamers. Although, they could claim a win with Stadia being the best place to play Cyberpunk 2077 that’s not a PC.

If you’re looking for a new smart 4K TV to partner your shiny new PS5 or Xbox Series X, LG would be a good TV to watch out for as it gives you an option to try out a game streaming service for the future. At the very least, it’ll have a “game optimizer” setting that improves refresh rate and minimizes input lag.

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