Bethesda is donating $1 Million to aid in COVID-19 efforts

Everybody is doing their part to help out in this global crisis. Even you (yes you!), as you stay home, are doing your part in flattening the curve. While Bethesda is not giving away (not yet, at least) some free titles to keep everyone at home, they have approached the problem differently and have donated $1 Million to various charities to help with relief efforts.

In an official statement be Bethesda, they have pinpointed the following front-line organizations to receive the aid:

  • $500,000 will be given to Direct Relief, a charity which is directly involved in COVID-19 relief efforts, including the critically important work of providing personal protective equipment to health care workers.
  • $250,000 will go to UNICEF, which partners with front-line responders around the world to keep children and their families safe and protected.
  • $250,000 will be donated to local COVID-19 relief efforts within the communities where we work and live. These recipients will be chosen by our individual studios and international offices. This way we can support worthy charities fighting COVID-19 in our local communities across the world.

In line with this, Bethesda have also launched a #BethesdaAtHome campaign which will encourage people to give help to the charities by participating in various streams and programs via the Bethesda social channels and Twitch.

Way to show up, Bethesda!

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