Microsoft announces Cyberpunk 2077 themed controller charging stand, hard drive, and wireless headsets

After the announcement of the eye-popping Xbox One X limited edition bundle, the salvo continues as along with a themed Controller, other themed accessories like a charging stand, external hard drive, and a wireless headset are also making its way to take all your hard earned money.

With the Xbox One X bundle being limited to only 45,000 units, you can expect it to sell out faster than Keanu Reeves can say “Breathtaking”. The other peripherals could also sell out as fast by virtue of looks alone.

The Johnny Silverhand edition controller features a two tone color scheme with various decals and marks across the controller, with “No Future” etched along the side, and accented by red L shoulder buttons. You can purchase this separately for $75 or around PHP3,750.

The Pro Charging Stand is a great accessory to complete the look of your controller when not in use, showing off some of the yellow and blue from the console. This will set you back for $50 or around PHP2,500 as seen from the Microsoft Store.

The Seagate Hard Drive will come in 2TB and 5TB variants, setting you back for $90 (around PHP4,500) and $150 (around PHP7,500) respectively.

Rounding up the accessories is a full line by SteelSeries, ranging from the Arctis 1 Johnny Silverhand and Netrunner editions to the Kang Tao, Militech, and Arasaka booster packs for your Arctis Pro headsets. The Headsets will set you back for $110 or around PHP5,500 and $35 or around PHP1,600 for the booster packs.

It’s a complete line for all Cyberpunk fans, even Keanu Reeves would be proud. He might even be waking you up, Samurai, after you faint from your credit card statement.

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