More Resident Evil remakes or even a sequel? Let Capcom know about it

We love the Capcom RE Remakes. RE2 set the bar high and RE3 followed up with a slightly weaker but a solid outing nonetheless. If fans want more of these remakes, or even a sequel, Capcom is urging everyone to tell them about it.

Through a survey by Capcom Asia, fans of the franchise are asked to answer a series of questions about Resident Evil but of note, there are 2 rather interesting items here:

At the very least, Capcom is testing the waters to see how much more Resident Evil fans would like to see over the next few years. Another remake? A proper sequel? For the current or next generation?

Resident Evil 4, while already remastered, seems to be the next logical choice if we were to talk about remakes, maybe Code Veronica as well. We’ll have to wait and see but one thing is for sure, the Resident Evil franchise is not going anywhere, not if the fans have a say about it, at least.

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