Leaked controller packaging could see the next-gen Xbox releasing in early November

Over the past few days, the next gen Xbox leaks have been seeing the light of day in the form of leaked controllers, suggesting that a cheaper and ‘weaker’ Xbox Series S could be on the table for Microsoft. If this next leak proves to be accurate, we’ll be marking early November as the possible launch of the Xbox Series X, particularly November 6.

Tom Warren, Senior Editor from The Verge, has obtained evidence of sealed boxes allegedly containing Xbox Controllers with a “do not sell or display before” warning of November 6. Microsoft just announced the release window for their next generation offering, so this leak may have some semblance of accuracy.

Interestingly, as per The Verge, some people have somehow purchased the said controllers and have even registered them on the Microsoft Support site, revealing a warranty expiration of November 5, 2021, suggesting that these controllers are indeed legit and working on the one year warranty afforded to Xbox consoles.

While nothing official has been announced by Microsoft, the Halo delay has surely dampened the strong launch momentum that the Series X has been building up to and by possibly launching early, they can use the headstart to get a lead on the next-gen counterpart from Sony.

As always, we’ll be waiting on Microsoft to make their official announcements.

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