Here’s your first look at the Xbox Series X Dashboard

Ahead of the Series X launch in November, Microsoft has given everyone a sneak peek on the new and improved dashboard which looks mostly similar but will feature major improvements in ease of use and load speed.

As announced by Microsoft, the update will launch this Holiday and will feature a uniform design across Xbox mobile apps, Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox family of consoles, which is designed to feel familiar and seamless whichever device you choose to play on.

Arguably one of the biggest improvements of the new dashboard will be how fast it works, boasting of 50% faster load time when you boot up your Xbox and 30% faster load time when returning from a game, all while using 40% less memory. All this talk of percentages and numbers all equate to the players spending more time actually playing the game instead of waiting for the next thing to load.

Microsoft has also confirmed that an Xbox Mobile App is in development, allowing mobile users to connect to their network of friends as well as the capability to share content from your console straight to social media.

This is but one of the many things already revealed by Microsoft to get users to try out the Series X when it launches later this year. While there are many things we already know about the next generation offering from Microsoft, we’re looking forward to a couple more which could actually be the most important ones – an official Series S announcement and retail price.

3 months to go, give it to us already, Microsoft!

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