Destruction AllStars serves up some fast-paced action for all out car-nage

With 1 week left to go before its release, Sony has finally given us a closer look at its latest multiplayer offering in Destruction AllStars. As seen on the PlayStation Blog, a 7 minute video just dropped highlighting all of the mayhem that players will get to experience in the game.

As a hero driving game, Destruction AllStars will have you choose between 16 unique heroes each with their unique hero abilities that they can utilize on foot or with a hero vehicle. Each character’s unique hero ability blends with their style, so you could either choose a stealth type hero for quick ambush or an attack based hero who has direct damage components.

Vehicles are scattered through the arena like guns lying around waiting to be picked up. You can choose between the speed, mobility, and heavy vehicles as freely as you want as they’re meant to be disposable. What’s great with the game is that you could choose a single player campaign with AI or you could take your talents online and play with other like-minded peers.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s part of the PS Plus free games for February? You can download the game starting February 2 until April 5 and enjoy multiplayer goodness for free, as long as you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

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