New DualSense teardown video uncovers potential cause of controller drift

Months into its life cycle and it seems some PlayStation 5 players are already experiencing controller drift. For something that’s priced at a premium, it’s quite disappointing to know that this piece of innovative hardware is already malfunctioning to a certain extent, and it seems we potentially know why.

A recent teardown video by iFixit reveals that the DualSense still uses standard “off the shelf joystick hardware” that have a history of issues. The teardown is very detailed, and you can view the video below.

As mentioned by iFixit, the DualSense is using the same familiar hardware as with the DualShock 4, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and even the Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controller. What’s shocking is that based on a bit of simple math paired with some Call of Duty match behaviour, and it seems that the operating life of these components may already be exceeded in just around 400 hours of gameplay.

400 hours is not a lot of game time before your controller starts to feel the effects of the wear and tear. Roughly translated, that’s only just about 17 full days of game time, and depending on how often you play and what type of games you like playing, it could be much slower or faster. After such degradation, your only options are to have them replaced via warranty if applicable, fix it or find someone who can, or just buy a new one.

Wear and tear is something that all items go through after using it for some time. However, it would have been great if companies made these things easier to repair, since the controllers suffer possibly the most abuse among the other peripherals involved.

Have you ever experienced controller drift with any of your controllers?

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