Returnal launches ‘Atropos’ trailer ahead of PlayStation’s State of Play

A day away from the PlayStation’s State of Play and after a quiet month from Housemarque following the Returnal delay, we finally get a quick two-minute “Atropos” trailer from Returnal. At this point, it is looking more like a teaser trailer to what we can possibly expect for tomorrow during the broadcast.

I personally expect a deep dive into Returnal as while I am excited for this title, the comments section on many sites show many unconvinced players, quite possibly due to its $70 price tag.

As for what we could see from the trailer, it shows specific places in the ever-changing planet of Atropos. At one point, the same area transformed from forest (Overgrown Ruins), to a swamp (Derelict Citadel), then finally a desert (Crimson Wastes). We learn that the alien species are called the “Severed” and that the actual landscape constantly change on the same exact space.

How all of this would affect the gameplay, we could only find out from a deep dive into the game tomorrow or when it releases on April 30th.

Returnal is an Playstation 5 exclusive releasing on April 30.

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