First look at Aliens: Fireteam gameplay looks very promising

As Aliens: Fireteam has been announced this week, there’s a lot of excitement on this co-op survival shooter, but the important question is how does it look when on game play mode. Trailers can easily be manipulated, but thanks to IGN First’s video featuring a complete mission, we get to see how it plays and it plays like a third person Back 4 Blood type game play, which is short of saying that it looks very promising.

Each mission plays a three-player co-op rounding off your team. Based on this run, the players chose a team made of Gunner, Demolisher, and Technician. Gunner is your standard marine armed with an assault rifle, shotgun, and grenades. Demolishers are your heavy weapons specialist with a the trusty mounted mini-gun. Technicians are your support class with the cool gadgets including the electro-trap, which slows down xenomorphs and extra sentry guns because you need all the backup you can get. There are other two classes not featured in this run– The Doc and the Recon, which by the name it’s the medic and the ranger class types.

You can play each of the 12 missions spanning 4 campaigns either in solo or in co-op, where the solo mode pairs you off with two other bots because people suck. As you explore each level, you could collect caches of ammo, extra accessories, and even collect cosmetic effects for your load out. These missions are story-based and once completed, you could replay them alone or with co-op party members to level up your classes, collect cosmetic bonuses, and try out challenges.

Aliens are definitely the star of the show, and there will be 20 different alien types where different variants from the common runners to bursters who spread acid when killed, spitters who spit acid, drones–stalkers who attack when you’re not looking, and finally the formidable warrior–the cosmic horror featured in every Alien franchise that Ellen Ripley has been running away from ever since.

On the campaign, a default difficulty mode has been applied and even so it appear intense as you fend off swarms of the xenomorph horde while holding your ground using everything to your advantage. Higher difficulty modes include friendly fire, higher acid damage, and fewer resources. To make it even more interesting, you can apply card bonuses or limitations when you start a mission where you could set parameters regarding missions in exchange for rewards. I think I’ll stick with the “Journalist” difficulty for this one.

Aliens: Fireteam is expected to launch on Summer 2021 on the PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PS4.

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