Team Liyab secures 3rd place in the LoL: Wild Rift Frontier Contenders 2021 Tournament

Last week saw the League of Legends: Wild Rift Frontier Contenders 2021 Tournament come to a close, and as the dust settled, Team Liyab beat Sunsparks 2-1 to secure third place in the hotly contested event.

“Although we placed 3rd in this preseason tournament our team is making the necessary adjustments to
be better. This tournament is a great exposure to the team as we gear up towards the Wild Rift ICON
Series Preseason
coming in March. We hope you continue to support us.”
said Head Coach Edriane
“Eds” Balbalosa, after the tournament.

The team previously won against RRQ PH, but then lost to Nexplay before settling for the bronze medal match against Sunspark.

liyab 3rd place lol wild rift Frontier Contenders 2021 Tournament

Liyab is the professional esports team of Globe in partnership with Mineski, and was among the eight teams invited to participate in the tournament. Composed of Nicoli “NICCSU” Montenegro, Allen Dean “DON” Viola, Miguel “MIGGIE” Banaag, Eric “EXOSEN” Gubatan, Kevin “GAMBIT” Dizon, Lars “3SH” Maniego and Robert “MORAYTABOY” Tan, Liyab is set to compete in various community events leading up to the Wild Rift ICON Series Pre-season which will happen on March 20, 2021.
You can learn more about Team Liyab by liking and following their Facebook Fan Page.

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