First major PlayStation 5 software update adds extended USB storage option

PlayStation 5 users who don’t like deleting games will be glad to know that an update coming in tomorrow will finally give some form of flexibility for players who are struggling with storage space.

As per a post on the PlayStation Blog, players will now be able to store PS5 games on compatible external USB drives from your internal storage, which will be a very welcome update. The only limitation this poses is that players will not be able to play PS5 games from the external storage, nor can they be directly downloaded there, so there’s still some work needed to go about things.

Unfortunately, there’s no news yet about opening up the M.2 expansion slot, but Sony has confirmed that the feature is coming.

playstation 5 software update 1

Along with the storage update, players can now also take advantage of cross-generation Share play, which allows PS4 and PS5 players to use the Share Play feature together.

playstation 5 software update 2

Additionally, the Game Base menu will be improved with some neat features like disabling game chat quicker, pre-download game updates if the “automatic updates” setting is enabled, customizing your game library, and a new trophy settings and stats screen.

PlayStation App Update

The PlayStation App will also receive an update, which makes it easier for players to connect with your console remotely. In the next few weeks, updates will be made available that will allow players to join a multiplayer session from the app, manage PS5 storage, and even compare trophies with friends.

playstation 5 app update

The PlayStation 5 is now available and the PlayStation App can be downloaded through the Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

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