Dragon Quest XII The Flames of Fate announced


A few more details have surfaced about Dragon Quest XII, as the game will run using Unreal Engine 5. Yuji Horii also says that it will take time to complete the game, but the story is already finished.



During the highly anticipated Dragon Quest 35th anniversary livestream, fans were treated to a show full of surprises and good news. Apart from the DQIII HD-2D Remake, one of the biggest announcements was the official reveal of Dragon Quest XII The Flames of Fate.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

There’s very little in terms of details about the game, except for the logo reveal, and no release date has been given yet, but the team is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release. Square Enix have made no mention on what platforms it will release on for now.

One detail that series creator Yuji Horii mentioned was that there was going to be player choices in the game, which will probably relay to some sort of branching storyline, or some feature to that effect.

Horii also mentioned some “changes” to the command battle, which is a very interesting prospect that fans may or may not take well.

Dragon Quest XII will be a “darker” take and will be a Dragon Quest “for adults”.

You can watch the whole livestream through the link below:

After the success of Dragon Quest XI, many fans will definitely be expecting XII to be another sure fire hit.

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