Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade final trailer confirms Ramuh and Nero

We’re about a month away from Intergrade, and apart from the various upgrades for the PlayStation 5, Intergrade is bringing the Yuffie DLC INTERmission along for the ride. Square Enix have released the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade final trailer leading up to launch, and it features a pretty fantastic teaser for what fans can expect, confiming Ramuh and Nero!

In the final trailer, you’ll also see a sneak peek at the Fort Condor minigame, which makes a return from the classic game.

*Before playing the trailer, if you haven’t played through FF7 Remake yet, be warned, as there are spoilers!

Local preorders are now available and while supplies last, you’ll be able to get yourself a limited poster featuring Yuffie and Sonon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be out on June 10 for the PlayStation 5.

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