Monark, a brand new RPG from former Shin Megami Tensei devs, headed to PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC

NIS America have announced and revealed Monark, a brand new upcoming RPG from former Shin Megami Tensei devs, and will be launching in 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.

The game overview reads as follows:

Follow your ego and control the madness in Monark! Your school has been engulfed in a mysterious and deadly Mist, and only you can save everyone inside. Develop your Ego and lead your forces into battle to break the pacts set by the nefarious Pactbearers, but take care not to delve too far, lest you risk losing yourself.

Some features of the game include:

  • Descent into Madness: Jump between exploring the Mist of the real world and fighting within the enigmatic Otherworld. Call upon allies, fight enemies, and unravel the mysteries surrounding your academy. Will you save the world or go mad and destroy yourself?
  • Into The Mist and Beyond: Dive into a dark realm where reality and the self collide. The mysterious worlds you’ll explore are brought to life in a surreal, dark neo-fantasy style, with intricate character designs and evocative settings.
  • Power of the Ego: Strengthen your Ego and customize the appearance and abilities of your Fiends. Unlock different Fiends to command in battle, and use the freeform tactical system to position your units and unleash destruction upon your enemies.

Looking good to you? Let us know what you think of Monark!

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