Netflix is reportedly in ‘early development’ for a live-action Pokemon series

If Detective Pikachu was your jam, then this report may prove to be something to get excited for as Netflix is in the “early development” stages of a live-action Pokemon series, according to Variety.

While very scarce on details, the report says that Joe Henderson (co-showrunner and executive producer of Lucifer) is expected to be on board and that the project will be similar to Detective Pikachu. Currently, Henderson and Netflix have not responded when asked for comments about the project.

If we were to just base it on replies on the Twitter announcement alone, it seems that there’s quite a number of people who are not thrilled about the news, saying that it should be left as an animated series.

In August, Netflix is also set to premiere Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, something Monster Hunter fans should look forward to.

What are your thoughts on a live-action Pokemon series?

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