Fortnite and Balenciaga have partnered up for apparel that cost more than a PS5

Balenciaga, similar to other high-fashion luxury brands, has been known to come up with items that cost a pretty penny. It is one of the more well-known brands in the world and has even recently launched a capsule collection with PlayStation.

Their most recent collaboration is with Fortnite, the ultra-popular game that plays host to millions of users on a monthly basis. The collection has both in-game and real-life presence, ensuring you can look fashionable wherever you go. As you may suspect, the real-life apparel is quite expensive, which we’ve come to expect but the real surprise is how it looks.

Before that, you can check out the new in-game drops, which consist of fashionable pieces that may pique your interest.

Alright, let’s get right back to it.

Take this white long-sleeved shirt / polo for example which retails for $995 or around PHP50,000. It literally just shows the Fortnite logo in front and some other text at the back. Oh, well, it comes in black too if that’s your thing.

There’s also a Hoodie that retails for $725 or around PHP36,000.

Other pieces in the collection feature a cap, a denim jacket, and shirts that feature the same design but cost as much as a PlayStation 5. The surprising thing about it? Some of these items, in some sizes, are already sold out. The hoodie in white, for example, only has extra small in stock.

I’m certainly not the target market for these products because it would literally cost me a kidney and a half, so I think I’ll just stick with some of the cheaper Uniqlo finds.

You can check out the full Fortnite collection over at the Balenciaga website to see if there’s anything that might catch your fancy.

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