Care for a PS5 Hoodie that’s more expensive than a PS5?

Peep the Sony PlayStation 5 x Balenciaga collection.
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Both current-gen systems have been sold out everywhere, and the stock situation isn’t getting better anytime soon. If you can’t get the consoles, you could at least look good while waiting for the next drop with this sleek PS5 Hoodie.

As spotted on Hypebeast, the latest Sony PlayStation 5 x Balenciaga Capsule Collection has just dropped, and although these pieces may be easier to get over the actual console, they’re quite expensive.

How expensive? The hoodie retails for $875 (around PHP42,000) and the shirt for $675 (around PHP32,000). For comparison, the PlayStation 5 is priced at $499, or PHP27,990 for the standard edition here in the Philippines. Even at resale prices for the console, the pieces here still turn out to be more expensive.

I guess if you can’t buy a console, maybe get the next best thing?


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