Wuchang: Fallen Feathers shows off 18 minutes of souls-inspired gameplay

If you’re itching for some more souls-like action, Leenzee Games from China has revealed 18 minutes worth of gameplay from their upcoming title Wuchang: Fallen Feathers. Wuchang is heavily inspired by previous souls-like titles, particularly Bloodborne, and will be published by BilliBilli for consoles and PC.

The action here is looking like it’ll need a lot of polish, but its 2024 target will definitely give it the time to impress us even further.

Check out the gameplay reveal trailer below:

The reveal has been met with a lot of criticism, which revolves around the fact that it seems to be copying a lot of things from other similar titles, and some players have noticed that even some of the same sound effects are being used.

Here’s a short description of the game:

Set in the chaotic final years of the Ming Dynasty, WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers is an exploration of the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of imperial China and the battle against mysterious forces that transform a grim reality to supernatural horror.

Another recent Chinese-developed title that has impressed is Faith of Danschant: Hereafter, a single-player action RPG which is a sequel to the 2017 release.

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