Ricochet anti-cheat system for Call of Duty has reportedly leaked

Call of Duty, just like any other popular online-based game, has been plagued with cheaters who are making the game unbearable to play, ruining the experience for the thousands of gamers out there. To combat this, a new anti-cheat system was recently announced but it may all be for naught if a report is to be believed.

Just a day after its release, Call of Duty’s brand-new anti-cheat system Ricochet has reportedly leaked and is already being reverse-engineered by cheat-makers. The Anti-Cheat Police Department account on Twitter posted an update claiming the possible leak, showing some screenshots allegedly proving the incident.

On the other hand, another report comes from Twitter Account ModernWarzone, corroborating the story through anonymous sources. While there is no proof that the leak is actually true, it could be argued that the leak was “controlled”, resulting in a decoy that could distract the hackers from working on the real thing.

Whatever the case may be, news of this leak should prove to be concerning for both Activision and the Call of Duty Community, as Ricochet should have been a remedy to the problems of the game. While Ricochet should not really be treated as a silver bullet, we’ll have to wait and see how this story develops over the next few weeks.

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